The body is like an automobile. It’s needs various stuff—oil, gasoline, filters, fluids—to keep you going. COOL RESOURCES is just like that: it includes all kinds of stuff to keep you functioning at your best. View them on their individual pages or print off the PDF versions below:

items-for-a-vegetarian-kitchen (1) is a peek into my pantry—basically a shopping list for vegetarians/vegans

protein-chart is something most of us Americans don’t really need—no matter what kind of diet we follow, most of us are getting way too much protein; still, folks get really skittish about getting enough, so here is a look at the protein content of an array of food, including separate lists for those who are vegan, gluten-free, and gluten-tolerant.

vegetarian-product-list includes brand names mentioned in Blue Moon Vegetarian; I do not advertise or advocate for any brand, but when I use something I like, I don’t mind telling folks.

COOKING FROM BLUE MOON VEGETARIAN HANDOUT is from an introductory class I taught in Lewiston, Idaho, shortly after Blue Moon Vegetarian came out. It includes some basic information for how to get started on the vegan/vegetarian trail.

COOKING FROM BLUE MOON VEGETARIAN Hempseed handout includes detailed information about the amazing healing, nourishing impact hempseed can have on your body; and no, you cannot get high from it! Hemp and marijuana are distant cousins, not twins.

COOKING FROM BLUE MOON VEGETARIAN resource handout includes a list of all my favorite cookbooks and other food- and health-related reference books.

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