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I always tell my writing students that a good piece of writing, be it a poem, a story, an essay, or a novel, unravels the meaning of the title. In this case, the title “Rare and Occasional File” is a bit of self-brainwashing. If I don’t have to commit, as is implied in a title such as “Daily Blog,” if I know I only have to be here when I darn well feel like it, well, more’s the chance I’m apt to show up.

So, when you subscribe, you won’t be deluged with emails, but you will now and again be updated on book releases, news, events, and new recipes as they are developed.

Not to mention the fact that you’ll receive a great little e-book designed to help you get yourself down the path to more meatless meals. It’s called “Going Vegetarian is not a Road, but a Highway” and it’s free! Also, subscribers receive a sneak peak in the form of the first few chapters of my newest novel, Jagged Edge of the Sky.

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