I am pleased to endorse Paula Coomer. She helped me polish and publish my first book, a biography. My second book, a novel, is in the final editing stages. During the three or so years we have worked together, I have felt well supported and have learned much. Working with her was akin to taking college courses in the nuances of writing and the rigors of publication, and I have enjoyed the personal and professional relationship we formed. Paula gives caring, intelligent support while sharing her broad knowledge of writing based on her years of being an educator at the university level. She has had several of her own works published and was nominated for a Pulitzer. Anyone fortunate enough to join her roster will have won the lottery. I’ve always enjoyed our meetings. They leave me full of new ideas and ready to jump into the next stage of my project.

–Corliss Corazza, Pleasant Hill, CA

I became aware of Paula Coomer when I read that she would be a presenter for a local writing workshop. Her name was followed by the words, “Ask a Nice Lady.” I should talk to her, I thought. I was writing a historical novel that hews closely to fact. Its subject is personal to me. For months, though, I’d been spinning my wheels. My filing system was disorganized. My manuscript was disastrously over-long. My story was muddled. I struggled to find clarity, to understand its arc and highlight its strengths. After a discussion about goals, I began working with Ms. Coomer in regular book development coaching sessions. Now, NO QUIET WATER is in readers’ hands, published by an independent press. Ms. Coomer serves as my author’s representative, as well. She has advised me in meeting the demands of the publishing process, providing support in every phase. Her experience as a university teacher of writing, successful author and highly regarded poet adds immense value to her input. And I assure you it’s true, Paula Coomer is a nice lady.

–Shirley Miller Kamada, Moses Lake, WA

Thank you so very much for the notes and for all the work you’ve done. I’ve been telling everyone how helpful you have been to me. Having your input was exactly what I needed. Having worked on the books for so long, I just wasn’t seeing where I could improve. I was at that point where I needed intelligent impressions from someone honest, insightful, and someone whose writing is literary and research-oriented like mine tends to be. And there you were, my guardian angel in the writing world.

—J.S., Albuquerque, NM

Need help with publishing resources, pre- and post-publication questions or are simply stuck and need help developing a plan? Paula Coomer’s Town Hall model was a lifesaver for me. I came on board as a new author, new to the world of publishing, and totally ignorant of the resources available. Paula saved my life over and over with her in-depth knowledge and calming encouragement. Count yourself fortunate to have her as a resource.

—Nancy Leonard, Author of Headwaters and Becomes A Horseman, Port Townsend, WA

“I attended one of Paula’s extended writing retreats with the intention of reconnecting to my creative self. I have loved writing since childhood, but had lost touch with the joy of writing in the chaos and demands of adult life. I had a reached a point where I dreaded opening my laptop and trying to get words on the page. When Paula first suggested her “kind writing” method as a way to rekindle my passion, I admit I was a bit skeptical. Abandon the computer? Write the entire first draft by hand? She couldn’t be serious. But I trusted that she must know something I didn’t and I gave it a try. To say it was transformative would be an understatement. I now look forward to my quiet writing time each morning, just me and my pen and paper (and some coffee, of course). My progress has been slow, but steady. And most importantly, joyful. I am so grateful to Paula for her gentle guidance and her steady encouragement.”

–Amelia V., Boise, ID

Paula put the polish on my prose. Or as she might suggest to make the sentence more active: Paula polished my prose. When I gave Paula my final memoir manuscript before I sent it off to my publisher–a small press with minimal editorial resources–I told her it wouldn’t need much editing. To her credit, Paula didn’t laugh even once when we Zoomed later to review her pages and pages of recommendations. She never criticized my writing either, or suggested I take up knitting. If you are considering hiring en editor, Paula will be a supportive and effective partner for your work in progress. As my early reviews start to pour in, I have her to thank for the many positive comments I’ve received.

–Karen DeBonis, author of Growth: A Mother, a Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived, Troy, NY