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Schedule Paula Coomer:

A long-time teacher of writing at both the university and community level, Ms. Coomer is known for her ability to talk about writing craft, writing as a practice and a way to live, and the relationship between writing and healing the trauma stored in our bodies.

She also talks about food as medicine and her and her husband’s journey through relationship and failing health as they progressed from omnivore to vegetarian to vegan, finally arriving whole and with vitality as devoted locavores.

Her methods are at once challenging, humorous, serious, informative, and nurturing. In addition to nearly 20 years as a university instructor of writing, since 2002, Ms. Coomer has worked as a Visiting Scholar for the Idaho Commission for Libraries, leading discussions in rural communities on a range of literary works from Thoreau to Bradbury. Ms. Coomer is a regular conference presenter and workshop instructor, having delivered such topics as

  • Memoir Writing

  • Writing the Personal Essay

  • Writing Contemporary Poetry

  • Introduction to Poetry

  • Speculative Fiction Writing

  • Short Story Writing

  • Fiction Writing

  • Writing as Assemblage Art

  • Place as Character

  • The Role of Perseverance: Staying True to the Writer Within

  • Gender in Prose and Poetry

  • Lyricism in Food Writing

  • Character Diaries

  • Fiction in a Flash

  • Writing Programs and Healthy Communities

  • Food as Medicine

  • Writing Your Life–Finding Grace and Miracles in the Mundane

  • Great Wisdom of the Body

  • What did They Say?–Bringing Dialogue to Life

To arrange readings, presentations, or workshops, contact Ms. Coomer at

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