BOOKS Ms. Coomer has edited, coached, guided to publication, or with which she has otherwise been involved

**PLEASE NOTE: Ms. Coomer has helped thousands of people improve their writing and has coached dozens of writers in the creation of their book manuscripts. She respects the rights of authors who prefer not to publicize the fact that they have made use of her services.

All the Way to Second Street by Nancy Casey

Blackfish Prophecy by Rachel Clark

The Songbirds Return to Paris by E.M. Sloan

Before We Died by Joan Schweighardt

River Demon by Joan Schweighardt

River Aria by Joan Schweighardt

Cashdown’s Folly by Stephen Banks

Cut Open the Sky by Corliss Corazza

No Quiet Water by Shirley Miller Kamada

Growth: A Mother, Her Son, and the Tumor They Survived by Karen Debonis

Tapdancing on Everest: A Young Doctor’s Unlikely Adventure by Mimi Zeiman