Contrary to what many people may imagine, writing is not a solitary occupation. From the research stage to book promotion, authors are compelled to engage with other humans if they are to accomplish the goal of creative production. We may love our time in solitude best, but it’s other people who give purpose to our craft.

Each of us reaches a point where we must put a piece of writing in front of an audience. We may have our group of beta readers—those folks who know and love us and who are capable of gently telling us why our work is not quite ready for prime time.

But at some point we also find ourselves looking to mentors, those who can objectively point us toward a higher direction, who can help us take a much-reflected-on body of work from scraps and pieces to a vessel worthy of setting afloat in the world.

Poet and author Paula Coomer has worked with many authors over the years on book-length projects, both non-fiction and fiction in all genres, a number of which have gone on to publication. Her methods are at once challenging, humorous, serious, informative, nurturing, and spiritual. She is quite successful at probing deeply into a manuscript’s purpose and drive, helping to tease out of authors the finer threads of story, thereby enriching narrative, character and plot complexity, while magnifying the more successful and idiosyncratic characteristics of a writer’s abilities.

Ms. Coomer is available for Manuscript Consults only at Reflections Inn, a quiet, rural travel lodge situated in North Central Idaho on the wild and scenic Clearwater River. The setting is perfectly suited for writers whose projects could benefit from time spent away from the usual concerns to focus on moving toward completion, whether the goal is publication or simply to finish a project for the sake of satisfaction.

Features of the Manuscript Consult Retreat

  • 4 nights in a scenic wilderness setting in Idaho’s Rocky Mountain foothills
  • Beautiful, private, quiet accommodations
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • $1700 (plus tax), which includes accommodations (see below)
  • No other writers (although other Inn guests may be present); Ms. Coomer is onsite, working directly and individually with author
  • Feedback on a full-length manuscript of up to 250 pages
    • this amounts to 75,000 words
    • must be printed using Times New Roman, 12 cpi
    • must be double-spaced
    • find specific formatting requirements here
    • manuscript must be bound using coil or comb binding
    • back-to-back printing preferred
    • Ms. Coomer must receive manuscript no later than 2 weeks in advance

Meals and Transportation

  • Writers bring their own meal preparations; cooking, cold storage, and communal dining space available in 2 fully-equipped, well-appointed kitchens
  • Compact refrigerators in each room as well as coffee makers
  • Food Service option additional fee applies) available upon request
  • Air and ground transportation is available at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport 

Arrange a Manuscript Consult

  • To schedule a Manuscript Consult at Reflections Inn, call Ms. Coomer at 509-295-8860 or write to
  • Once you’ve spoken with Ms. Coomer, you’ll be asked to send a 25-page (double-spaced; Times New Roman 12 cpi) excerpt of your manuscript to
  • At this point, you’ll be offered advice for continuing the writing process or asked to secure your dates and make a room deposit of $680 (plus 6% tax) to Ruth May at Reflections Inn by calling 208-926-0855.
  • A second payment of $500 is due 30 days prior to arrival, along with a summary of your book and up to 250 pages of a manuscript formatted in Times New Roman, 12 cpi. (Click here for exact formatting requirements.) This second payment is paid directly to Ms. Coomer using PayPal or by check. The manuscript may be shipped via post, FedEx, or UPS.
  • A final payment of $250 is due upon arrival.
  • Refunds are subject to 50% surcharge. No full refunds after 30 days prior to scheduled stay.
  • For more about Reflections Inn, go to

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