Paula Coomer, Reflections Inn (and the glorious innkeepers: Ruth and Jim), and the writers who convene for these retreats somehow magically produce exactly what I need to tumble effortlessly and joyously into deep creativity and productivity. Paula’s consultations on my work in progress propelled an almost unimaginable burst of energy, new writing, and excitement about this project. I will go back every chance I get.    —SD Ross

“Writers! Retreat to a place where you can immerse yourselves in an envelope of quiet surrounded by pines and sky, with the Clearwater River just steps away.  Join author and writing guide, Paula Coomer, and a small handful of writing cohorts in this space of solitude and reflection where responsibilities and stress slip away, making room for a clearer flow of ideas and words.  Your room is a comfortable cocoon providing all the basic needs — bed, desk, chair, your own privy and plenty of privacy – with a homey, cabin feel.  Each window offers a head-turning connection to nature, each door an opening to fresh air and camaraderie.  Stroll to the river, walk in the woods -free your psyche and your muse.  Renew your energy and your love for writing.  Retreat, relax, and hit the Refresh button!”     —- Rebecca Rod

“The Clearwater Women’s Writing Retreat was, for me, a hallowed and life-changing experience.  The nexus of calm, beautiful surroundings along the river, interwoven with clever, inspiring, creative women, and time –free, unstructured, abundant time– gave a gift uncommon in our world today.  Uncommon and extraordinary.  The time to write in peace, while nurtured by a pristine natural environment and community of women allowed for a deep, steady flow of writing and insight.  Meanwhile, the gatherings each night always brought me back to Earth and the joy of friends and creative support.  I’m so grateful to Paula and Reflections Inn for this wonderful time, venue, and experience.  Thank you…I’ll be back as often as possible!”    —Rachel Clark

“Paula Coomer, along with the collaboration of Ruth and Jim May (owners and proprietors of Reflections Inn) has created and made available the most desirable natural habitat for writers of all kind and genre.  The completely equipped thematic rooms (including desk, coffee pots, mini-fridges, and beds that one slides into like butter) prompts solace as well as time to write your work, whatever that might be.  The added freedom of walks along the wild Clearwater River where just across lies the Nez Perce Trail and millions of board feet of Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, white fir, fiddle fern, huckleberry and thimbleberry.  Every possible attribute that this special place brings is no less than what Paula Coomer offers through her open enthusiasm, support, love of the word, love of writing and love of each participant.”   — Katherine Sterling