blog daffodilsMarch 18 is Goddess of Fertility Day. You remember Aphrodite, I assume, from your high school mythology class.

Turns out the favors of Aphrodite can be called down by sacrificing a few daffodils, lilies, and incense—that is, if you are in the mood to procreate. You can build a little alter to Ms. Aphrodite, or you can buy bouquets for the one you are trying to charm. Perhaps burn a little jasmine incense to set the candle-lit mood this evening.

Or there is this witchy love potion with a word of warning for women—make sure your guy loves the smell of rosemary first; apparently men who don’t like the scent of that particular herb are emotional imbeciles: Make a tea by placing in a pot of hot water 8 parts rose petals, 3 parts rose geranium petals, 1 part nutmeg, 1 part lavender, 1 part ginger, 3 dops vanilla extract, and honey to taste (from Goddess Enchantment: Magic and Spells #2).

No mention anywhere in my research of the fact that Aphrodite’s celebration falls the day after St. Patrick’s Day, and that lots of procreating may have already occurred.

If you are worried about the over-population, however, use a little eucalyptus and bay leaf to keep attractions at a distance. Or, you could bring in a boar to eat your lover, which is what happened to Adonis after his fling with Aphrodite.