Phil and I this evening were talking about how much fun we have together. It’s true. We do. We laugh and talk and converse and plan and solve problems and disagree. It’s fun. And enlightening. Relationships are supposed be anything but. We are among the fortunate.

At times in life we may feel off-course. I think it’s good to keep in mind that we are never off course. We are actually always coasting. We have no control. To think that we do is to embrace facade. For this reason I believe that the best thing to do with our time is to create. It’s the only form of control we actually have. As an added bonus, to create means not to destruct. The hours you spend creating translates to hours not spent on destruction. This is significant.

Life has changed for all of us. Some of us are doing what we can to keep the world spinning on some kind of axis. Change is about. All is changing. For me, that means I’m doubling my efforts to do as much teaching as I can. It’s a really good time to help people find balance by exploring their creative minds.

It’s also a good time to be knee deep, working on the next novel. If I don’t report in here often, hopefully you will understand.